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The Rock Mill Music Academy
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The Rock Mill is taking music lessons and voice lessons into the future.

Did you ever take piano lessons as a kid and absolutely hate it?  Did you get dropped off at your teacher’s house and spend the next 30 minutes playing classical music that you had never heard of, waiting for your piano lesson to end?  Then, you were forced to practice throughout the week, wishing your next lesson wasn’t around the corner.

Imagine coming to a music school where the students don’t want to leave and can’t wait until their next lesson.  Picture your child or yourself excited about practicing for your next guitar lesson or drum lesson.  What if we told you that the excitement of your next vocal lesson will have you singing in the shower, soap microphone in hand, preparing for your upcoming performance in your very own band?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to record a song in an actual recording booth and have that song go from you singing in that booth all the way through music production?

We have continuous lessons throughout the year, broken up into three sessions.  Each session ends with a student showcase.  These aren't the music recitals of the past.  Our end of season shows are held on actual stages in venues where singers and musicians actually perform.  You won’t have to elbow Grandpa to stay awake for your child’s performance. 

Most music schools stick with a specific music genre.  Some only offer piano lessons focused on classical music instruction.  Some schools only allow Rock & Roll.  If you want your guitar lessons to focus on country music, you got it!  If you want keyboard lessons or piano lessons and you want to focus on pop music, just say the word.  If you want ukulele lessons….Aloha! We offer bass lessons too!  We cater to all musical genres.  We don’t want to stifle your growth in one area of music.  We want you to grow as a musician.

Here at The Rock Mill, we inspire our students to learn a positive way to express themselves.  From picking up an instrument, polishing your performance, or perfecting your recording, we are here to make the whole process fun and exciting.  We are so sure that you'll love us here, we offer a free lesson for you to come and start your musical journey!

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We also offer Spring Break and Summer Camps and Birthday Parties!

“We believe that learning music is a truly magical experience that needs to be shared and taught with enthusiasm.”

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