Professional Recording

From entry-level artists looking to share their music with friends and family, to fully established musicians wanting to send their music to the masses, we can help produce your dream into reality. We have a package that can fit your budget. 

Hey Mom, Look What I Can Do!

This is our entry level package designed to deliver the magic of the recording experience without breaking the bank.


Vocalists will have two hours of booth time for our engineers to capture their performance, and five hours of mixing and mastering afterwards.


These recordings are great for parents and grandparents to show off the recording artist in the family.

Shopping for a Label

This is our second tier package designed for artists who need a quality recorded demo that can pass muster in the hands of industry execs, and still accommodate a reasonable budget. 


Artists will receive song production guidance, as well as extended booth time and mixing/mastering.


These recordings are great for use in music videos for posting on social media, and for getting the word out about an artist or band.

Baby, I’m a Star!

This is our elite recording experience. Artists will receive backing band options, and full production assistance to ensure that our final product is ready for mass consumption.


Our engineers and production team help coax the best performance from our recording artists, and spend the time in the mastering suite polishing each track to a high shine before releasing it out into the wild.


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