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From entry-level artists looking to share their music with friends and family, to musicians who want to send their music to the masses, we can help with any project. We have pricing that can cater to any budget.


Click on the Sign up for a free lesson button to request a free consultation.

We have affordable tracking/mixing/mastering options whether you are an artist needing to record a simple vocal track, or instrumental track, or a band wanting to record a live session or an individually tracked demo.

We can also help artists who want help with songwriting and/or song production of their own material in every genre. Our producers can create song styles from pop, R&B, country, rock, folk and everything in between.


We can also help with content for use in music videos, posting on social media, and for getting the word out about an artist or band.

Artists can receive backing band options, and full production assistance from our stable of amazing musicians and artists.


Our engineers and production team help coax the best performance from our recording artists, and spend the time in the mastering suite polishing each track to rival industry standards.

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